Thursday, May 22, 2008

Wellington and Xero

So, here I am in Wellington, now working at Xero. Tomorrow will be three weeks from my last day at MYOB, and I already feel that I am part of a totally different world.

I have plenty of fond memories of my time at MYOB. I can see that Xero will give me plenty too.

Working with a team of online specialists is fantastic, and the focus and passion the team have makes every day exciting. And it shows in the quality of the product, and the eagerness to increase its functionality, something that is currently happening every month.

As I settle in here, I'll post more about how this actually impacts businesses in New Zealand, the UK, and elsewhere so stay tuned for more.

Until next time,


Silver Fox


Anonymous said...

Wow Stuart! - cool - I always liked the look of Xero (and I use FreeAgentCentral for my own accounts - very much in Xero's mould, but focussed specifically on freelance contractors).

Having fun?

Charles Verrier

Stuart Bale said...

Hi Charles,
Yeah, it's a great place to work, and the product is pretty cool.
And there are heaps of exciting things we are looking to do.
I took a look through FreeAgentCentral ... that is a very nice product, and certainly similar to Xero. I particularly like the way that the online world allows for verticals (like contractors) to be supported.
You can keep in touch with me if you want at my new address of

Anonymous said...

Wow! How outta the loop am I? Wgtn and Xero! Congratulations on the move...Sounds exciting.