Thursday, April 17, 2008

Pooh Survivor (2004)

I know there are a few of my old MYOB colleagues that visit my site now and again, so while I was cleaning up my desk, I came across this movie I made for a competition I ran back in 2004 called Pooh Survivor. Take a look at it here on YouTube.


Silver Fox


Anonymous said...

I still take issue with the result, not that I'm bitter, Piglet should have never made it that far in Pooh Survivor, in fact I would BBQed him within the first few days on the island.


Stuart Bale said...

Yes, and I was quite upset that Tigger won! It's remarkable how many people like Tigger. I don't have access to the original results, but I think that Rabbit was the first to be voted off.

CeeBee said...

Eeyore was my favourite to win but he got stabbed in the back. I still can't believe that Tigger won, and I've still yet to meet anyone who publicly admits they voted him. If it had been Zimbabwe, there would have been a recount.