Thursday, October 8, 2009

Ideas are like pens

I have a personal belief that if a pen doesn't have your name on it, then it is available for anyone's use. These 'free pens' have an exciting travel life, moving from one owner to another, visiting countless locations, from coat pockets to handbags to shop counters to glove boxes.

Pens come in all different shapes, colours, weights, lengths for a variety of different purposes. Every person has their favourite. I like blue or black ballpoint pens, of a reasonable weight (preferably made from metal) and a nice grip. Being retractable has its advantages too, but not where the retracting device is easily triggered just by general use. A clip to attach the pen to a shirt pocket or folder is useful, although too often these are bent or broken off.

Anyway, back to the purpose of this blog - "Ideas are like pens" - I was thinking last night how true this simile is. I come to this conclusion on the following basis:

  • There are lots and lots and lots of them;
  • They come in different shapes and sizes;
  • Some are better than others;
  • There is little point having one if you don't use it;
  • Each new one is really just an old one with some fancy stuff added;
  • Often, the simpler, the better;
  • Eventually, most of them are thrown away, or lost;
  • Finding someone else in possession of yours can make you angry, although sometimes it really is theirs even though it looks like yours;
  • They are really hard to find when you desperately need one; and
  • You can find them in strange places, such as in the bathroom, on the beach, in the car, and under the bed.

Silver Fox