Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Defector

I was surprised to see a special mention on me in a post on Diversity yesterday, and then again today. (see here and here.)

Not that I know Ben, or he knows me, but today he said: "... As mentioned the other day, there have been a few rumblings from MYOB about SaaS - these have been hampered by the defection of their On-demand head to Xero ..."

Now another person might be offended by being labelled an 'On-demand head', particularly a defective one. But I tend to take these comments in my stride. In fact, to set the record straight, I was actually the 'Product Marketer' for MYOB BusinessBasics Online for New Zealand.

And while it is flattering to think that I am important, I certainly doubt that my departure 'hampered' MYOB's plans. I can say with confidence that the timeframes were set in place and the outcome was not dependant on any one person.

In Bens earlier post, he suggests that he might know the reason for me leaving MYOB. I'm not prepared to comment on what my reasons are in this blog, but what I can confirm is that the 'limb' Ben went out on was the wrong one. (Ben, flick me an email sometime if you want to know the background:

(I'd also like to add that while Ben thinks this is MYOB's first SaaS offering, there have been others, but he just isn't aware of them, and I'm not interested enough to provide any details.)

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