Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tim Shadbolt - an opportunity

To: Tim Shadbolt

Dear Tim,

It appears to me that in these difficult times of economic uncertainty, there is a pressing need for a Hero of the People, to lead a cause that gives the hope of future prosperity to ones followers. Someone with charisma, connections and capability - and I believe that Hero is you.

And why is it you more than anyone else? Primarily because of your current prominent position in the region with the greatest opportunity - Southland. Now some from further North may ignorantly scoff at this statement, but once they see the extent of the opportunity, they'll come to the same conclusion as I did, that Southland contains all that is needed for the biggest technological system in the world. In fact, this very system would be gratefully and readily used by the world, for the very fact that Southland is where it is.

So, maybe by now you are curious to know more? (Or perhaps just flummoxed as to where this is leading.) Please indulge me a little, and let me elaborate on this grand plan. In short, Southland has four key assets that no other region in the world can offer, being distance, power, climate and water.
Southland is geographically the furthest habitable distance from Europe and America.
With huge natural reserves of hydro electric power, and the capacity to continue to develop wind generated power, Southland has a ready supply of environmentally friendly, totally renewable and sustainable power.
Southlands climate is never hot, a good thing for what I propose.
Southland has an abundant supply of clean, free flowing water.

These four factors are significant for this major project, which at its heart aims to provide to the rest of the world a secure and reliable second level backup and archive service. Hardly exciting, until you understand the extent of the need. Conceptually, the world is concerned about their data, and invests trillions of dollars each year in securing it on tape and disks and everywhere else.

Imagine if we could just pick up a fraction of this within New Zealand - that is the opportunity looming for Southland.

So Tim, give me a call sometime, and we'll chat.


Silver Fox

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