Friday, February 29, 2008

I love February

I Love February. It is like Pluto (the ex-planet, not the cartoon dog), in that it is totally out of character with it's peers. How come February only got 28 days when they were days were being allocated?

I can just imagine the months all lined up for their allotment of the standard 365 days in a year. There was January, March, May, July, August, October, December, April, June, September, November in the queue, agreeing on the order in which they would put themselves. They each thought they would get at least 33 days, with maybe January and March getting 34, since they were first in the queue. Then suddenly, February comes running up right on the cut off time, and starts making a noise about how it wasn't his fault that he was late - he had been held up with Valentines Day, who is so demanding, what with the flowers and chocolates and foot rubs! So each of the months decided to give up three days to February, but July, August, October and December thought they were just as important as January and March, so only gave up two days.

I think that there should be equal parity between months. I'm sure someone could work out a better system - perhaps a metric calendar based on ten months. It would have 36 days in five months, and 37 days in five months? And then we could share the extra day every four years around to each month? Hmm, actually that sounds almost as confusing as what we have now! Maybe we'll just keep what we have for the meanwhile.

However, if there is one change I would really like to see, it is to make the 'leap day' an international Public Holiday, involving free beer for everyone.


Trevor said...

I think you can blame Julius Caesar and Augustus Caesar for messing up the months. They wanted months named after them and wanted more days. It may have been them that them that messed up the order too. December should be the 10th month and September the 7th.
I like the free beer and holiday idea and may stay home drinking this time 4 years from now. Maybe Feb 28 next year as well.

Anonymous said...

I know, everyone is like ''February, puh, what a whinging little runt.''

I bet Fevruary is this classy, charismatic charachter ! A real individual.